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Open : 24/7


$2 : 0-20 minutes
$3 : 21-40 minutes
$5 : 41-60 minutes

$1 each additional 20 minutes
$12 : 3+ to 24 hours
$15 : Lost Ticket

Convenient entrances found on both Lake Street and 31st Street.

Cash and Credit Card Stations are available on the first level of Calhoun Square near Famous Dave’s and the second level of Calhoun Square near the public restrooms (close to the skyway). Credit Card Only Stations are available in the ramp on the skyway level near the elevator and in the ramp on level 1 near the walkway to the Famous Dave’s entrance.

4% convenience fee will be added to all credit card payments.

Monthly Parking available. Should you have any parking questions, please contact Jeremi Hanson of Denison Parking at 612-821-9415 or jhanson@denisonparking.com. 

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Rates displayed on this website may become out-of-date. Rates displayed locally at each location are the definitive rates.