Malls & Retail Space

Denison Parking is proud to be a provider of parking management services for some of the largest shopping space developers in the United States. Denison teamed with an Indianapolis based provider in 1995 to open parking at a major urban mall, then gradually expanded our services to other high profile malls across the country.  

Our Up-Front-Plus has been hugely popular and profitable, particularly at mall and retail parking operations.  It's a win-win: the customers love it, and the garage owners make more money.  Our introduction of Up-Front-Plus into our mall and retail parking operations is just one of the ways that we've demonstrated our commitment to constant innovations--innovations that are targeted to make both parking patrons and owners happy. 

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Melding audio/video into Pay-On-Foot systems enhances customer service.


Our valet services offer ease of use for every conceivable parking situation.


Denison has been a trusted partner in managing our parking assets in downtown Indianapolis.

Mike N.