Parking Patrons

Denison understands parking patrons.

The monthly parking patron chooses their parking based in large part on the proximity of that service to their workplace. While price is always a concern, the parking program's features are also always a factor. Most parking patrons ask these sorts of simple, straightforward questions:

  • Is the parking facility equipped with a proximity or hands-free style of parking system?
  • Can I enter and exit the parking facility quickly and conveniently?
  • Will my space be reserved or unreserved?
  • Can I use that space beyond the typical work day, like for special events or for a night out?
  • How can I make my payments?

Our job is to make sure that when patrons ask these questions, we can provide them with answers that they want to hear.

Denison offers the marketing expertise needed to attract the monthly parking patron.
The adage “build it and they will come” does not apply to the parking industry. Our customer may have the most inviting and convenient parking facility in the city, but if no one knows about it, the parking patrons will not come. Denison is adept at marketing the parking facility in order to obtain maximum use and revenue. We are experts in selecting the equipment and controls necessary to ensure a fast entry and exit experience.

Our facilities have the convenience and features parking patrons want.
Denison utilizes specialized software to ensure proper cash controls while allowing for convenient customer payment via credit card on file, on site or over the web. The same equipment that facilitates a painless parking experience also provides superior audit and accountability controls to ensure money is received for every valid and active access card in the system.

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