Pay on Foot Kiosks

We've created a pay-on-foot system that's easier to use.

At Denison we know that many of our patrons are infrequent visitors to our parking facilities and as such, can become intimidated by the garage environment.

Nearly a decade ago, Denison’s President, Mark Pratt, began to explore the possibility of upgrading existing POF technology to include the use of two-way audio/video communications. Most have experienced trying to decipher the instructions for the use of these devices over an intercom that produces poor quality sound, which lessens understanding and increases intimidation and frustrations.

Realizing this we worked with a large equipment provider to introduce the first use of audio/video communications in order to create a more comfortable environment, one that allows for a friendly, face-to-face conversation. This technology allows Denison to manage multiple locations from one centralized command center while at the same time lowering operating costs.

The result has been a continuation of our superior customer service and lowered operating costs. Denison also integrated digital video recording into the payment process which allows for a quick review of any parking transaction, increasing our ability to serve our customers by reviewing their parking experience when they have a concern.

Today’s POF devices are durable and dependable. While Denison uses one brand of equipment for audio/video monitoring, we have used every major brand of parking equipment in the market today and are quite fluent in the nuances of each brand.

We’re introducing new technologies to automate and improve the parking process.

Denison is leading the way in making parking solutions more environmentally friendly.


Denison has been a trusted partner in managing our parking assets in downtown Indianapolis.

Mike N.