Up Front Plus

We're creating programs to improve the customer experience.

Denison is proud to work with Simon Property Group in some of the largest and grandest malls in America. These malls commonly come with surface parking lots that number in the thousands of spaces. In an effort to better serve a certain segment of mall customer who seeks the closest and most convenient spaces, Simon and Denison introduced the “Up-Front-Plus” parking concept. This entails the segmentation of a relatively small number of prime parking spaces that are “up front” — meaning they are extremely close to the front door to the mall.

These spaces are available for a fee, which also differentiates them from the free spaces on the remainder of the lot. In reality, these spaces represent 1% or 2% of the total spaces available. However, a certain demographic of customer is willing and eager to use the space as they know they can pay a small fee and grab a spot that is convenient, will be available without the need for an extended search and allows them a more efficient shopping experience.

This service has been extremely well received and has resulted in a great number of positive comments back to mall management.

We’re introducing new technologies to automate and improve the parking process.

Melding audio/video into Pay-On-Foot systems enhances customer service.


Denison has been a trusted partner in managing our parking assets in downtown Indianapolis.

Mike N.