Mark Pryor

Vice President—Business Development & Special Projects

Mr. Pryor started his career in the parking industry over 35- years ago right here in Indianapolis with a National Parking Company. Mark came to Denison as a valet driver and soon rose to the rank of Operations Manager where he assisted the Vice President of Operations in the day to day operations for over 60 parking facilities, and 200 plus employees.

Mark is currently a Vice President with Denison Parking, and has direct oversight of 75 plus parking facilities in Indiana & Florida. In addition to his operating responsibilities, he oversees the structural maintenance of Denison owned assets, focuses on client retention, and supports the CEO / President with Business Development and Special Projects.

Mark currently chairs a committee for BOMA, and is involved with Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.

"They fill our facilities with parkers and always provide a personal touch."

Mike N.

Denison Parking constructed the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954.