Pay with ZipBy

With ZipBy, you don’t have to worry about pulling a ticket, pulling out your wallet, or even rolling down your window. All you need is your smart phone. The ZipBy app recognizes you are in a parking garage and will lift the gate for you as you enter and exit the garage. The app keeps track of how long your car has been in the garage and emails you a receipt at the end of your visit.

  1. DOWNLOAD the app: Free from the App Store and Google Play
  2. REGISTER: Join the ZipBy community
  3. GO TICKETLESS: On your next visit, let ZipBy open the gate for you

ZipBy requires a bluetooth connection and location services to be turned on. The ZipBy app is available for download from both the iTunes and Google Play stores. With it, you can access hassle-free parking in any of the expanding network of parking locations which accept ZipBy.

Standard parking rates apply.

Denison Parking Indianapolis locations that are compatible with the ZipBy app:

  • 327 N. Illinois St. View
  • Plaza Park (109 S. Capitol Ave.) View
  • Merchant’s Garage (31 S. Meridian St.) View


Download the ZipBy app today.

"The Denison team seamlessly flexes with us to present an excellent guest experience and are proactive in helping us to keep the facilities in great repair under heavy use."

- James F.

Denison Parking constructed the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954.

"The valet staff made me feel as if it was a Four Seasons! Very polite and friendly."

Sheila B.

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