Our valet and concierge services offer front-door accessibility and ease of use for every conceivable parking situation.

Denison currently manages valet operations in medical, restaurant, retail and hotel environments. Many of our parking facilities offer some, or all of the services listed below:

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Car washes
  • Oil changes
  • Jump starts
  • Assistance with tire changes
  • Escort to your vehicle (upon request)
  • Car-to-front-door parcel delivery
  • Luggage handling in residential developments
  • Tenant amenity programs, promotions and rewards programs — to improve the customer experience and ensure loyalty.
  • Mystery shopper programs — to effectively assess our performance and improve service where possible

We take control of thousands of vehicles per day and our valet service receives high praise from our clients. We’re proud of these operations and strive daily to not only maintain the high-level of service provided, but embrace a mission of constant improvement.


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Shuttle systems provide
a seamless customer experience.

Melding audio/video into Pay-On-Foot systems enhances customer service.


Denison has been a trusted partner in managing our parking assets in downtown Indianapolis.

Mike N.