Video Intercoms

Parker Video Intercoms: Two-way Audio/Video

Parker Video Intercoms is a two-way audio / video system that gives parkers a face-to-face experience, 24/7, even when there is not an attendant on-site.

It is common to see parking facilities employing centralized Pay on Foot (POF) devices to collect parking fees. While an efficient way to manage labor costs, it does not offer the “personal touch” of having an employee available to answer questions and easily resolve issues at checkout. Parker Video Intercoms bridges that gap.

Each facility is created with unique, personalized information that you determine to make sure the guest experience aligns perfectly with your brand. Customers won’t know they’re talking to the Parker 24/7 Call Center! They see and speak with a representative who uses your company name and rules to handle situations exactly the way your staff is trained.

If you are curious about how this could work in your facility, contact us for a demonstration.

"The Denison team seamlessly flexes with us to present an excellent guest experience and are proactive in helping us to keep the facilities in great repair under heavy use."

- James F.

Denison Parking constructed the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954.

"The valet staff made me feel as if it was a Four Seasons! Very polite and friendly."

Sheila B.

Denison Parking operates 150+ facilities nationwide.