Denison Parking is a team of dedicated employees with integrity and character providing “best in class” parking services and solutions to our clients and customers.

A Rich Legacy of Service

Our history dates back to the late 1920s when Indianapolis businessman, William C. Griffith, purchased the Denison Hotel at a busy corner in the city’s downtown area.

This bustling commercial area soon began to draw people traveling via a relatively new invention — the automobile. Soon, the demand for parking overtook its short supply. Mr. Griffith made a daring decision to raze most of the old hotel and develop one of the first paid parking facilities in the country. He named his new parking company Denison Parking after the landmark hotel that once occupied that site.

The Griffith family continued leading the industry in parking innovation by completing construction of the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954. This garage was only the fifth self-parking garage ever constructed in the United States. Even then, Denison’s legacy of daring and forward-looking decisions was shaping our country as a leader of the industry. While the family still owns and operates Denison Parking, our company has grown far beyond our Indianapolis roots. The Griffith legacy still defines and drives our company.

Our Vision

Denison Parking is a competent and disciplined team of employees bound by common values and purpose. We create a respectful, supportive atmosphere through open communication and trust

We are adaptive, flexible and dependable in our business using best practices and processes for our clients and employees. This focus brings continued growth and profits while offering the highest quality parking management experience to our clients. Honesty and transparency govern all our actions.

The People of Denison

Denison has one of the most experienced executive leadership teams in the industry. Denison’s
executives constantly evaluate and strive to improve corporate performance by implementing improvements that are sensitive to the needs of our clients. Meet our leadership team.

Our people are our greatest asset. There are few companies in the industry with an operating history of seventy years, and even fewer still where one can find employees with thirty years of industry experience. Our team-members’ longstanding loyalty speaks volumes about the company, its commitment to the parking industry, and its culture.

Denison provides comprehensive and ongoing training and support for employees at every level. We believe this commitment to our people speaks volumes about our dedication to finding, training, and retaining the best workforce in the parking industry.

"They fill our facilities with parkers and always provide a personal touch."

Mike N.

Denison Parking constructed the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954.

High-Tech, High-Touch Service