Parking Facility Management

Working with Denison

For over eight decades, Denison’s vision of our business has been based on lasting relationships, fostering economic development in urban areas, and providing superior service to customers, clients and the community.

We continue to prove our dedication to providing superior service by remaining on the cutting edge of developments in parking. We create or implement the best-in-class processes and systems to maintain properties in a state-of-the-art condition. Our clients continually benefit from our practical experience with every emerging technology – recommended, tested, and debugged based on internal knowledge.


Innovative Payment Access Systems
Denison has experience working with almost all of the active vendors of parking access revenue control systems. Whether your location is equipped with traditional cashiering, pay-in-lane, pay-on-foot or a combination of systems, Denison has the experience to handle it. Learn more.

On-street Parking Enforcement
We work with local municipalities to manage revenues, ensure compliance and protect patrons. Learn more.

Shuttle Service
Our shuttle services provide a complimentary and convenient experience for visitors, travelers and employees. Learn more.

Valet Service
Whether you are a restaurant, hospital, or the Indianapolis International Airport, we are able to meet the unique needs of our clients and customers. Learn more.

Revenue Control and Reporting
Stay connected in real-time, to both the parking access revenue control systems and the sales reporting systems. Learn more.

Maintenance Services
Keep your facilities clean and protect your assets with our Indianapolis-based Maintenance Services team. Learn more.

Customer-focused Amenities
Many facilities offer amenities like 24/7 remote help from Parker Technology, ticketless parking, oil change services, vehicle assistance and more. Learn more.

As a facility owner, you can rely on us to bring you the latest industry best practices, marketing strategies, information on the performance of your facility and innovative construction and operating cost management ideas.

Denison has been a trusted partner in managing our parking assets in downtown Indianapolis. They took over management of garages that had been severely mismanaged by other operators. They cleaned them up, filled them with parkers and always provide a personal touch in regards to customer service. Denison is a valued member of our team.

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Putting Your Needs First

Whether you are looking for a partner to manage parking facilities such as a regional mega-mall, metropolitan office building, or local honor lot, we are committed to exceeding your service expectations. Working with Denison Parking gives you access to a full range of services and strategies designed to maximize your revenue.

We Listen

From the individual parking patron to the owner of multiple parking facilities, we know parking management means different things. In each situation, we rely on our experience and a consistent focus on the needs of the specific customer to provide high levels of customer service, exceeding their expectations.

Seasoned Professionals

We have over 80 years of experience optimizing the revenue potential of parking facilities in every size and scale. Our team of professionals brings a broad depth of knowledge and experience, best practice revenue control procedures, extensive employee training programs, experienced management and creative techniques to ensure maximum utilization of your parking facility.

Our Customers Include:

  • Parking Patrons
  • Office Buildings
  • Malls and Retail Spaces
  • Sporting Event and Convention Parking
  • Municipalities
  • Hotel and Restaurants
  • Residential Developments
  • Hospitals, Medical Buildings and Medical Campuses
  • Garage and Lot Owners