On-street Enforcement

Denison Parking has extensive experience in managing on-street operations for municipalities. We have been involved in a number of PPP as well as direct partnerships with cities from around the country.

We look forward to sharing how the Denison difference of transparency, accountability and customer service creates an unparalleled experience.

Come visit us in Indianapolis or one of the select coastal cities in Florida to see how we could become your on-street ambassadors.


Setting The Bar

Denison has been under contract with local municipalities for many years—with thousands of citations issued each and every month. We use the latest technology available in order to properly manage and control revenues.

Enforcement with Integrity

We’re adept at understanding the fine balance between code and ordinance enforcement and citizen relations as well. We work closely with government officials to assure compliance as well as fair treatment of those in violation.

Thorough Training

Denison also makes use of an in-depth training program which all enforcement officers are not only required to attend, but trained to fully understand and use in their daily interaction with on-street parking patrons.

"They fill our facilities with parkers and always provide a personal touch."

Mike N.

Denison Parking constructed the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954.