What We Value

What Denison Values

At Denison, we are committed to an environment where employees are encouraged to think big, have fun, and strive to be a leader in the industries in which we work. The following guiding principles help each of us make intentional decisions and take action. These values provide the framework for all of our interactions with customers, clients, team members, and the community at large.

“We own our outcomes”

At Denison, integrity is the characteristic of consistent honesty, accountability and professionalism. This is demonstrated through behaviors such as taking ownership, being truthful, and thoughtfully making decisions that reflect our values.

“What we do, we do well”

For us, quality is a commitment to excellence. Exceptional quality is demonstrated through behaviors such as providing unparalleled service, seeking out creative solutions, and delivering a product that exceeds expectations.

“We respect others”

For Denison, communication is the direct and professional sharing of information, thoughts and feelings. Transparent communication is demonstrated through intentional collaboration, appropriate knowledge sharing, and ongoing openness.

“We are brave”

At Denison, courage is the willingness to explore without fear. Acting with courage includes experimenting with new ideas, challenging yourself and empowering others to reach new levels, and bravely advocating for our values.