Bottleworks District On-Street Parking

Bottleworks District On-Street Parking

900 Carrollton Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204

This location is at the crossroads of on-street parking for areas of 9th and Carrolton. 

900 Carrollton Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office Phone: 317.525.5513
Hours: 24/7

Visitors have two parking options: On-street parking and parking facilities (garage or parking lots) at the following locations:

On-Street Parking for Bottleworks District on areas of 9th Street and Carrollton.

Bottleworks District, is a 12-acre urban mixed-use culinary, arts, and entertainment hub. This boutique hotel, food hall, and residential area includes 180,000 square-feet of flexible office space and 175,000 square-feet of prime retail space.

On-Street Daily Rates
15 min:
30 min: $2.50
45 min: $3.75
60 min: $5.00
75 min: $6.25
90 min: $7.50
105 min: $8.75
120 min: $10.00

Number of spaces: 26