Focus on Innovation

In the last decade, we have seen tremendous changes in the parking industry. Staying one step ahead, we’ve developed our own proprietary solutions and researched and implemented the best technological advancements available to benefit garage owners and parking customers.

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Two-way Audio/Video

These days, it is common to see parking facilities employing centralized Pay on Foot (POF) devices to collect the parking fees. While an efficient way to manage labor costs they do not offer the “personal touch” of having an employee available to answer questions and easily resolve issues at checkout.

Our two-way audio / video system replicates a face-to-face experience without the need to have someone on site. Interactions with patrons in multiple locations are managed from one centralized command center.  Using our proprietary technology you can lower your labor cost and still provide high levels of personable customer service.

If you are curious about how this could work in your facility, contact us for a demonstration.

Green Initiatives

How do we make a large chunk of concrete, steel and glass, a more environmentally friendly structure? There isn’t one simple answer to that questions.  Instead, it is addressed with an ongoing commitment to explore and implement design solutions to reduce our impact on the environment while efficiently managing operating costs.

Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated in our sponsorship of the Green Parking Council which named our Plaza Park Garage and Merchants Plaza Garage as Green Parking Council Demonstrator Sites. We are proud to have the first certified green parking facilities in the Midwest.

We are continually evaluating ways to reduce energy consumption, lower our carbon footprint and hot zones. In addition, we are putting plans in place to address the inevitable growth in demand for electronic vehicle charge stations.

Over the past several years we have explored the use of:

  • Solar energy solutions in our parking facilities
  • Wind turbine utilization to generate a portion of the energy we consume
  • T8 and induction lighting solutions — dramatically decreasing energy use and costs (50-60%)
  • A reduction in carbon emissions and hot spots created by older lighting technologies

We typically compare and test alternative solutions in parking assets directly owned by Denison. This allows us to present the best alternatives to our clients so they too may take advantage of the efficiencies brought by newer, and more environmentally friendly, technologies.

Perhaps some of these ideas could benefit your parking facility? We’d welcome the opportunity to explore these innovations further with you. Contact us for more information.