Kathy Richardson

Vice President Auditing

Kathy joined Denison Parking in 1977. As Vice President, Audit and Compliance, she has the responsibility of ongoing audits using intense data review and analysis of reports. With current technology she gains real time access to the parking and accounting systems both locally and out of state ensuring compliance with all operational and accounting policies and procedures.

Before assuming her current position Kathy spent many years as a Facility Manager before being promoted to the City/Operations Manager. Utilizing her industry knowledge she also provides training and support for the on-site operations staff. Ms. Richardson’s extensive background and experience in all areas of Denison Parking have made her an integral part of the Company.

She is actively involved in the opening of new locations. Her in-depth knowledge of current parking technologies and the various types of parking equipment has proven to be a definite benefit during new location transitions, equipment installations and software implementations. Kathy has also written several operating manuals that are used throughout the organization. With all the innovations in parking technology and the need to manage change Ms. Richardson continues to use strategic insight to create, implement, and update auditing and training methods to ensure fiscal integrity. Ms. Richardson attended IUPUI in Indianapolis.

"The Denison team seamlessly flexes with us to present an excellent guest experience and are proactive in helping us to keep the facilities in great repair under heavy use."

- James F.

Denison Parking constructed the first self-parking garage in Indianapolis in 1954.

"The valet staff made me feel as if it was a Four Seasons! Very polite and friendly."

Sheila B.

Denison Parking operates 150+ facilities nationwide.