Market Square Center

Two blocks from Monument Circle, near the City-County Building, IndyGO Julia M. Carson Transit Center, and the former Indianapolis City Market.

Monthly parking is available for tenants only.

Market Square Center

225 E. Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA
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225 E. Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office Phone: 317.796.4607
Hours: 24/7

To use the touch-free parking system by SPACES:

  1. Wait until you are first in line, then call the phone number posted at the gate to enter.
  2. Receive a text message to set up your payment method before leaving. $1 fee applies.
  3. Call the phone number posted at the exit to leave

Once you enter your payment information, your profile will be saved to use at any parking facility that uses the SPACES system.

For questions or issue with the SPACES system, call 619.648.3375

ADA Information: Accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities
Level 1: 1 ADA space
Level 2: 2 ADA spaces
Level 3: 2 ADA spaces
Level 4: 2 ADA spaces
Level 5: 2 ADA spaces
Level 6: 2 ADA spaces

Daily Rates:
30 mins: $5
1 hour: $6
2 hours: $9
3 hours: $11
4 hours: $13
4 hours – close: $14
Maximum Daily Rate: $14

Monthly Rates (Tenants only)
Tenant Reserved: $160
Tenant Unreserved: $145

Number of Spaces: 511