Payment & Access Systems

Whether your location is equipped with traditional cashiering, pay-in-lane, pay-on-foot or any combination of these methods, Denison has the experience to handle it. Over the years we have worked with almost all of the active vendors of parking access revenue control systems to control tens of millions of dollars of equipment. This experience and commitment to staying current allows us to find the best alternatives:

ZipBy (Touchless entry and exit)

No more searching for parking cards or cash. All ZipBy members need is their smart phone. No payment ticket to keep track of, no lines or hassles on the way out. ZipBy charges the member’s credit card and emails a receipt. No more little slips of paper to keep track of for expense reports or taxes.

It is easy to register for and set up an account with ZipBy. The ZipBy app is available for download from both the iTunes and Google Play stores. With it, you can access hassle free parking in any of the expanding network of parking locations that accept it. Download the ZipBy app today.

If you’re interested in adding your parking facility to the ZipBy network, call (317) 633-4003 or contact us online.

Two-way Audio/Video

These days, it is common to see parking facilities employing centralized Pay on Foot (POF) devices to collect the parking fees. While an efficient way to manage labor costs they do not offer the “personal touch” of having an employee available to answer questions and easily resolve issues at checkout.

Our two-way audio / video system replicates a face-to-face experience without the need to have someone on site. Interactions with patrons in multiple locations are managed from one centralized command center. Using our proprietary technology you can lower your labor cost and still provide high levels of personable customer service.

If you are curious about how this could work in your facility, contact us for a demonstration.

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- James F.

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Sheila B.

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