Congratulations to William (Bill) Rasi, CPP, Operations Manager at Denison Parking, now in the Class of 2022 for National Parking Association’s 40 Under 40.

I nominated Bill because he is a proven leader in the parking industry. His leadership and training skills have been integral to Denison’s growth. He has facilitated training and shared best practices to help our new managers run operations and train their staff as we expand into recently added locations.

Bill brought more than seven years of experience in the parking industry plus a master’s degree in Education. These skills, plus Bill’s inspiring work ethic, comprise the core competencies of a leader who embraces our relentless improvement goals and motivates our team across the nation.

In addition to training and coaching, Bill also leads by example. He parks at the top of the facility to inspect every level on his way down. He spends as much time as possible at his district’s locations to support his team and sees his role as a facilitator of success.

When Bill leads meetings, his talent for planning and efficiency is evident as he keeps up the pace to give everyone a chance to learn and contribute. Ever the humble leader, instead of taking credit for the successes of his team, he says, “My job is to provide them with the right tools, and they make it happen.”

Building and maintaining client relationships is essential not just in Denison’s operations success; it’s the ultimate goal for Bill’s team. Bill helps his team succeed not just to surpass the expectations of parkers and clients; he has shown his team that exceptional service provides the foundation for a positive client relationship. He often reminds his team that “The best marketing is the service we provide to our clients.” Accurate budgeting and forecasting help our clients maximize their property’s profitability, and Bill helps our team at every step of the way to deliver The Denison Difference.

Thank you for all you do, Bill!

John Hedge
Vice President, National Operations