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In June 2022, Denison Parking began the management of parking for The Stutz, a 441,000 square foot mixed-use office and creative space in Indianapolis. The historical complex is currently under redevelopment to become a live-work-play destination district which will expand opportunities on the north side of downtown Indianapolis. The facility consists of 3 lots with a total of 350 parking spaces serving tenants and visitors. 

“Denison Parking is pleased to provide our signature seamless parking service to this landmark property. The Stutz has long been the home of creatives and an entrepreneurial spirit that is the cornerstone of Indianapolis.” 

—C. Perry Griffith, III, President of Denison Parking 

The Stutz Parking Indianapolis IN 46204

Five Fun Facts about Indy’s Automotive History and The Stutz 

  • Until 1905, Indianapolis had more auto plants than any city in Michigan. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built to provide auto manufacturers a convenient place to test and highlight their innovations.  
  • The Stutz was built for speed, and the most popular model, the Stutz Bearcat, was known for putting the “roar” in the “Roaring Twenties.” 
  • The Stutz automobiles still have a loyal fanbase! The Stutz Club has regular meetups and a mission to preserve and share best practices for restoring and caring for original Stutz motor vehicles. 
  • The Great Depression took a toll on small auto manufacturers. The Stutz Motor Company built its final cars in 1934 
  • Keeping the Stutz building in good shape paid off. For decades, The Stutz has continued to attract tenants ranging from advertising agencies, artists, technology startups, and law offices. So many artists have made the building their home base that the Stutz Artists Association has become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting gallery exhibitions and educational programs.  

The Denison Difference 

Although the Stutz Motor Car Company stopped building cars the same year Denison Parking began operations; we share a connection through Indianapolis’ automotive history. As one of the nation’s most experienced parking operators, we have remained agile and ahead of rapid changes in the parking industry since 1934. Relentless innovation and improvement with uncompromised service to clients and customers are how we have thrived in various markets during turbulent times.  

Denison Parking comprises a dedicated team focused on creating an environment where energy and integrity create quality parking solutions. In addition to experience, the company’s long-standing family ownership creates a culture where everyone is treated like family, from employees to customers and clients. 

Experienced. Innovative. Personal. That is the Denison Difference. 

For parking directions and rates for The Stutz, see Lot A, Lot B, or Lot C