In November 2021, Denison Parking began on-street parking enforcement and management of the 4-floor, 297 space parking garage at Noblesville’s newest development, The Levinson. The Levinson is the first public  parking garage in downtown Noblesville and will serve the city’s first downtown apartments and mixed-use development since 1915. 

Perry Griffith III, President of Denison Parking and lead on this project, said:

“We are excited to be part of Noblesville’s growth. The city’s highly researched parking plan will encourage availability of parking and turnover in a thriving commercial district. Denison is privileged to manage Noblesville’s first parking garage, as our beginning more than 80 years ago was with the first public parking lot in a rapidly developing Indianapolis.”  

Growth of Noblesville 

Noblesville, a suburb of Indianapolis in Hamilton County, is far more than a commuter town. Recent commercial developments continue to bring jobs into an area that is leading Indiana in terms of growth. From a 2021 report, Hamilton County has been named the fastest-growing county in Indiana. 

Commerce, Culture, and Community 

The design of the parking garage complements the aesthetic of The Levinson and neighboring buildings. Two of the parking garage’s four levels are below ground to not compete with the town’s unique charm. In this way, the project adds to the local landmarks and enhances Noblesville’s commerce, culture, and community, which are long-standing, essential values for Noblesville. With the history of the project’s namesake and the growth opportunities, The Levinson is poised to help the city fulfill these values. 

The Levinson’s 5,100 square feet (about the area of a basketball court) of commercial space, ready for retail, office, or a restaurant plus 85 apartments, expand the city’s economic development and urban density. The 2,000 square foot lobby provides a meeting place and will feature a public exhibit of the history of Downtown Noblesville. 

The Levinson’s Namesake 

The $24.3 million mixed-use project in historic downtown Noblesville was named after one of the city’s pioneer families. The eldest son, Salmon “Sol” Oliver Levinson, graduated from Noblesville High School, and became an attorney. In 1929, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the Kellogg-Briand Pact, also known as the Pact of Paris. The Levinson family was known for being charitable, but Salmon Oliver Levinson donated his family’s former homestead to the city in 1938. The land became the site of the former City Hall. 

The Levinson is located at 868 Maple Ave, Noblesville, IN 46060

On-Street Parking 

Before the recent change to parking enforcement, the parking ordinance had remained unchanged since 1989. At that time, the city’s population was only one-third of its current size; the city had fewer downtown businesses, and Hamilton County Judicial Center had yet to be built. To adapt and encourage Noblesville’s further growth, the Noblesville Common Council approved a parking pilot program to provide the city with an optimal parking strategy. 

The City of Noblesville offers free parking, capped at two hours, to encourage turnover in commercial zones. The boundaries from North to South are Clinton Street to Maple Street, respectively. This zone will be enforced from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. A map with these boundaries plus the free parking and parking lots can be seen on our location listing by clicking this link. 

Visitors who wish to stay longer than two hours can choose from several zones of free street parking. Additional “quick stop” zones of 20-minute spaces on Logan, Conner, and Ninth streets do not count toward a parker’s two consecutive hours. Some parking lots require permits, and others are low-cost and open to the public. Additional parking lots are free and open to the public. 

Denison Parking will enforce parking at all these on-street locations. 

Denison’s Service 

For eight decades, Denison Parking has helped foster economic growth. Accessibility and convenience support commerce and are essential elements of a thriving community. Denison’s experience with the dynamic needs of a growing city and innovative approach is a perfect match for Noblesville. 

That is the Denison Difference. Experienced. Innovative. Personal. 

Groundbreaking at The Levinson

For directions to The Levinson, visit our location listing page by clicking here.