For directions to park at the Community Justice Campus, see our location listing here.

In January 2022, Denison Parking began the management of parking for the new $590 million Community Justice Center of Indianapolis. After consulting and working with developers, Denison Parking won the contract to manage the surface lots exceeding 1,700 spaces, with plans for two parking garages budgeted at $38 million for an additional 1,300 parking spaces.

“We are happy to have the opportunity to support the City of Indianapolis on this important project. We look forward to helping create a seamless parking experience for people at the CJC.”
–C. Perry Griffith III, President of Denison Parking 

A Modern Approach 

The new Community Justice Campus (CJC) is a modern approach to the Indianapolis Justice System; well-served by Denison Parking’s innovative service. The CJC was designed to bring together community partners for a modern, holistic, data-driven approach to the Indianapolis justice system. The city’s desire for a streamlined system will now be matched with our seamless parking experience. As stated on the Community Justice Campus website: 

“The campus will feature the Assessment and Intervention Center, a mental health and addiction treatment center addressing critical root causes of detention and recidivism, an Adult Detention Center, the Sheriff’s Office, the Marion County Courthouse, and office buildings, along with other elements that will strengthen and reimagine Indianapolis criminal justice system.” 

From Consulting to Contract 

Denison Parking has been part of the growth of Indianapolis since our founding in 1932. From serving commercial parking facilities with a variety of services, and providing municipal on-street parking enforcement, Denison Parking’s innovation and experience make us uniquely qualified to support growth and handle the demands of extraordinary projects. 

Now operating in 12 states in more than 145 locations, Denison’s consulting has been part of new developments to provide optimal accessibility resulting in seamless service. Anticipating needs through our empathy as well as our experience, our consulting has helped us build trust with our clients and give our parkers the convenience they deserve.   

By building this trust, we have gone from consulting to managing parking services for several of the parking facilities listed on our site.  


In an interview with Indianapolis news station WRTV, Matt Giffin, Interim Director and Legal Counsel, Office of Public Health and Safety for the City of Indianapolis, called the project “transformative,” and went on to say:  

“This is something that kind of makes us stand out from cities of our size in the country, and we really think it is the leading edge of criminal justice reform and diversion efforts, to try to get people who are experiencing substance abuse issues, addictions, mental health issues, an alternative place to go that isn’t a hospital, isn’t the jail system, so that their needs can be addressed and so that the jail system can be relieved of potential sources of overcrowding.” 

As technology and needs change, Denison Parking is there to help business and large organizations at any step of their transformation. Our experience, with our innovation, and an eye on the personal experience of clients and parkers is what has made Denison Parking the choice for superior service on the cutting edge of development.  

That is the Denison Difference. Experienced. Innovative. Personal.  

For directions to park at the Community Justice Campus, see our location listing here.