Denison Parking’s connection to the community has been an essential part of our guiding principles since our beginning more than eight decades ago. Connecting with charities that have a positive community impact is a big part of achieving that goal. We began operating in Minnesota in 2009 and have since grown to 25 locations, primarily in downtown Minneapolis.

The holistic services that empower families offered by People Serving People are a perfect match for Denison’s principles. The Minneapolis organization is one of the most comprehensive emergency shelters for families experiencing homelessness in Minnesota. Advocates work one-on-one with families to provide support during a time of crisis and to develop the strengths to maintain housing stability.

Lifting Families out of Homelessness

A lack of affordable housing is not the only cause of homelessness. Several contributing factors keep stability and housing out of reach for many families. People Serving People understands this and addresses the issues with a variety of services and long-term support. A great example of the organization’s comprehensive support is their Crisis Response and Emergency Shelter service, as stated on their website:

“Our 99 hotel-style emergency shelter housing units for children and families experiencing homelessness include a bathroom, beds, basic furniture, and a door families can lock behind them to feel safe. Three nutritious meals are served daily in our cafeteria, and diapers and other basic necessities are provided free of charge.”

Board games and other fun activities are part of the program because bonding experiences are more crucial than ever when families are in crisis. Individual Giving Officer Megan Kocer also pointed out that their Christmas gift program gives parents the ability to choose gifts for their children that reflect their preferences and needs, as only a parent would know!

The empathy in People Serving People’s program development is evident in their approach to long-term success and results.

Long-Term Success

Since People Serving People recognizes the complexity of their guests’ issues, they also offer comprehensive Engagement Services, which help families move toward stability. With a focus on long-term success, these programs build vital strengths in budgeting, saving, and professional communication skills.

Another proactive approach is the Center of Excellence, a Preschool and Learning Center. Combined with the programs for parents, this multigenerational method is a big part of the long-term success of People Serving People.

Vital Connections

Not only does People Serving People connect guests to community services, but they also partner with more than 30 community organizations. People Serving People shares and collaborates by working with government agencies, schools, and other social services. These vital connections help People Serving People affect public policy and help mitigate the common circumstances that are the root causes of homelessness for many of their guests.

Denison Parking’s Contribution

Since many of the programs and services at People Serving People are focused on building connections, guests frequently return. Nearby parking is essential; Minnesota’s harsh winters compound the urgency for convenience.

Making help accessible is important to Denison, so we have validated parking for the organization’s guests since 2016. In 2020, we validated $93,196 in parking for their guests.

Because our in-kind support has met a long-standing critical guest need, families in crisis will not have to worry about lacking resources to keep their vehicles from being towed. The support makes it easier for guests to secure employment and bring their children to early childhood development programs. These programs allow their children to enjoy childhood today and achieve their dreams tomorrow.

How to Serve People in Need

The success of People Serving People and similar programs depends on help from the community. To learn more about People Serving People’s services, click hereTo donate, visit this page. To contribute to an organization working to help the people in need in America and prevent homelessness in your area, check the Homeless Shelters Directory. At, you can find links to take action to help.