ZipBy is the only system that enables parkers to enter, exit and pay for parking, with a guaranteed 100% revenue capture, that does not require the driver to interact with a smartcard, electronic device or Parking Access Revenue Control System (PARCS).

Parking systems have evolved over generations to become powerful tools to manage all areas of a parking garage operation. Garage owners are looking for a system that not only lets them control the revenue earned from parking, but for one that actually helps them increase it. This means that a previously-isolated application must now be integrated with complex business processes.

ZipBy allows customers to use their smartphone as the sole credential for the garage.  No more using an access card or even pulling a ticket to enter the garage. ZipBy is at the forefront of parking industry innovation, and aims to offer complete, site-specific solutions to address the challenges faced by each parker and garage owner. ZipBy represents the latest evolution of parking.

ZipBy is a comprehensive, ticketless, hands free ‘touchless’ parking solution that will integrate seamlessly with both new and existing PARCS equipment. ZipBy is effective for managing permanent parkers, regular users, and first time visitors with ease and efficiency.

ZipBy surpasses all ticketless and mobile solutions with benefits for both parking facility operators and parkers. Denison Parking is the only parking company in Indianapolis that can provide you with this product.

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