For visitor parking to Gillette Children’s Saint Paul campus, please visit this link, and please note that the GPS address for visitor parking is 640 Jackson Street. 

In June 2022, Denison Parking began the management staff parking for Gillette Children’s of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

“Denison Parking provides a seamless parking experience with the level of care patients, their loved ones, and staff need during stressful times and challenges. We are proud to support Gillette Children’s of Saint Paul, the nation’s first public hospital for children with disabilities and a groundbreaking leader in pediatric care for 125 years.”

–Damon Noga, National Vice President of Business Development, Denison Parking

Denison Parking has expanded to 27 Minnesota locations: Minneapolis, Rochester, and now Saint Paul. As part of our growth, we have become involved in the local community. Serving a facility that is critically important to its community, with such a unique history, is a wonderful opportunity for our expansion into Saint Paul.

The History of Gillette Children’s

Focused on improving the lives of children with disabilities, orthopedic surgeon Arthur Gillette, MD, and Carleton College student Jessie Haskins co-founded the hospital in 1897. Over time, its mission was defined as patient-centered care, innovation, and research.

Jessie Haskins: Inspiration and Action

The cause of helping children was rather personal for Jessie Haskins; she was born with a curvature of the spine. However, the story of another child in need inspired her. A man visited her church to appeal for help for the homeless. His tale of a child who was unwanted since he could not walk became the catalyst for her crusade.

A guiding principle of the hospital is to provide education in addition to wellness. Just three years after opening, the hospital established a formal education system. Through this program, patients were able to earn their high school diplomas.

A Legacy of Innovation

Gillette Children’s has met the changing needs of children over the years. As common maladies struck the population, children have received treatment for issues ranging from tuberculosis, polio, and neurological and orthopedic issues.

“Although their problems have changed, the mission of the hospital remained the same: to improve the lives of children and help them find a place in society.”

—From the foreword of “We Hold This Treasure, The Story of Gillette Children’s Hospital” by Steven E. Koop, MD

To meet diverse needs and to give these children a future, the hospital was led not only by compassion but by innovation.

Denison Parking: Service for Healthcare and the Community

We do more than manage parking facilities; we believe in improving the communities we serve. In Minneapolis, we support CornerHouse, a child advocacy organization, People Serving People, an emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness, and UpLIFT, a movement encouraging diversity in educators.

Denison Parking is one of the nation’s most experienced parking operators. Our experience with managing parking for hospitals and healthcare facilities also makes us an essential part of hospital parking committees. We partner with departments and groups such as patient experience, facility management, nursing directors, human resources, and hospital management to make impactful decisions about parking operations on campus.

Denison Parking comprises a dedicated team focused on creating an environment where energy and integrity create quality parking solutions. In addition to experience, the company’s long-standing family ownership creates a culture where everyone is treated like family, from employees to customers and clients.

Experienced. Innovative. Personal. That is the Denison Difference.

For visitor parking to Gillette Children’s Saint Paul campus, please visit this link, and please note that the GPS address for visitor parking is 640 Jackson Street.